Podcast 57: Crossover Stars, 2018 in Review, 2019 Predictions, Free Software for Webcam Models

Improving Custom Content Sales Through Communication – Katy Churchill shares how she’s able to get more custom sales through proper communication through the entire sales process. This includes follow-ups to those who don’t end up purchasing the customs. Full Post:…

Improving Custom Content Sales Through Communication – Katy Churchill shares how she’s able to get more custom sales through proper communication through the entire sales process. This includes follow-ups to those who don’t end up purchasing the customs.

Full Post: https://webcamstartup.com/custom-adult-content-sales-communication/

Free Software and Tools for Webcam Models – Katy Churchill shares some free software and tools available for camming models and clip producers.

Full Post: https://webcamstartup.com/camgirl-free-software/

Katy’s 2019 Camming Predictions – Katy Churchill created a YouTube video with her personal 2019 predictions. They include Streamate being status-quo, clip sites getting competitive, social media cracking down on adult and more.

Full Post: https://webcamstartup.com/2019-camgirl-predictions/

Webcam Statup: Camland 2018 In Review – The team at Webcam Startup has put together what we feel are the top stories of 2018. Stories include SESTA / FOSTA, Choice Bank, iFriends shutting down, Bella French coming out as CEO and coming onto the podcast, iWantClips “buying” KinkBomb and Clips4Sale and much more.

Full Post: https://webcamstartup.com/2018-review/

Guide To Selling Worn Panties / Tangibles – Aerie has drafted the official guide to selling panties and other tangibles online. The guide includes sites for accepting payment, how to go about promoting tangible sales, packaging and shipping and much more.

Full Post: https://webcamstartup.com/selling-panties/

Affiliates Can Promote Streamate Through CamBuilder – Streamate made an announcement that CamBuilder affiliates can now promote Streamate directly through the platform. Previously, CamBuilder was only a whitelabeled site builder.

Full Post: https://webcamstartup.com/streamate-affiliate-program-added-to-cambuilder/

Clips4Sale Launching Improved Search Functionality – Clips4Sale announced that they’re improving the search functionality on the site. The new search will make it much easier for members to find the type of content and studios they’re looking for. Neil will be showing off the new search feature in an upcoming webinar that will be geared toward Clips4Sale’s customer features.

Full Post: https://webcamstartup.com/clips4sale-improved-search/

Clips4Sale Launching Site-Wide Discounts – Clips4Sale has also announced the launch of site-wide discounts. Clips4Sale will be able to offer savings across the entire site, while C4S stores don’t lose out on money. While a site-wide discount is in effect, stores will still earn as much as they would off the full price sale.

Full Post: https://webcamstartup.com/clips4sale-global-discounts/

Clips4Sale Launching Clip Bundles – Clips4Sale has also announced they are launching a clip bundles feature. C4S studios will be able to bundle multiple clips together and set the price for the entire bundle. This allows the stores to offer discounts for buying the entire bundle.

Full Post: https://webcamstartup.com/clips4sale-clip-bundles/

New Clips4Sale Series: Clip Zone with Neil – Last but not least, Clips4Sale is launching an entire new feature, The Clip Zone with Neil. This new series will be a 1-on-1 with an individual studio and Neil. They’ll be discussing a wide range of things from Clips4Sale to the industry in general. Any Clips4Sale studio can apply to be part of the series.

Full Post: https://webcamstartup.com/clips4sale-clip-zone/

ManyVids Custom Content Now Permanently 80% – During December, 2018, ManyVids was running a special on custom content requests. All custom content percentages were bumped up to 80%. ManyVids has announced that the customs are now permanently at 80%, making them one of the highest percentage custom content platforms on the market.

Full Post: https://webcamstartup.com/manyvids-80-custom-content/

ManyVids Raises MV Tube CPM – Gets Caught “Skimming Views” – ManyVids has announced that they’re raising the MV Tube CPM from 60 cents to 67 cents. This means that MV Stars will earn 67 cents for every 1,000 collective views from all their MV Tube content. Bella French also stated that now all views will roll over to the next month. it was revealed (to the shock of the MV Community) that the views weren’t rolling over to the next month. So performers would get paid for each 1,000 benchmark that was made, but anything over x-thousand wouldn’t be counted towards the next thousand.

Full Post: https://webcamstartup.com/manyvids-mv-tube-cpm-drama/

JustForFans Adds “Patreon Style” Tiered Pricing – JustForFans has added a new “Patreon-Style” tiered pricing functionality for fanclub subscriptions. JFF models are able to set the price and the perks for each pricing tier, as well as apply custom names to them. When uploading new content to the site, JFF models are able to indicate the lowest pricing tier that should be eligible to receive the content.

Full Post: https://webcamstartup.com/justforfans-patreon-alternative/

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